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General Parameters and Juries

General Parameters

The Programme is based on the following general parameters: 

a)    Excellence and seriousness;

b)    Originality, novelty and creativity;

c)    An equal opportunities policy based on non-discrimination according to sex, religion or political affiliation; 

d)    The effect of the project in raising the standard of the beneficiaries’ level of technical know-how and skill;

e)    The effect of introducing Palestinian and Arab societies to cultural and educational issues in other countries of the world, and introducing the peoples of other countries to our own culture;

f)     The effect of strengthening the cultural relations between Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world, as well as strengthening the relations between those Palestinians living in Palestine and those in the Diaspora. 


Independent juries are chosen by the Culture and Arts Program (CAP) to evaluate all submissions for grants and awards. Using rigorous criteria, juries work in accordance with the Qattan Foundation’s vision of an enlightened, just, free, and tolerant society.

The Foundation aims to have an international presence, and to help create open discourse across the sciences, arts, and literature. After receiving an endorsement from CAP’s management, a jury cannot be altered.