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Qattan Distinction Award for Distinguished Cultural Work

In 2005 the Culture and Arts Programme established the Qattan Distinction Award to recognise a distinguished cultural work that the Qattan Foundation believes has strongly contributed to the culture or art of Palestine. The Award is given to an outstanding individual, organisation, group, company, or band. The award of $5000 is an initiative from the Qattan Foundation to encourage work that makes a distinctive mark in the Palestinian cultural and artistic domain.

Previous award winners

  • 2007: The Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation for publishing The Registry of Historic Buildings in Palestine and to the First Ramallah Group for founding and organising the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival.
  • 2006: Palestinian hip-hop group DAM for its album Dedication.
  • 2005: Turbo Design, for its work in publishing and developing This Week in Palestine magazine.