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Open call for Artist in Residence at the Science Studio - A.M. Qattan Foundation, 2020

Application deadline: 31/03/2020

Results announced 2 weeks later (14/04/2020); only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Duration: 3 months (between July and October 2020).

The Science Studio, a project at the Educational Research and Development Program - A.M. Qattan Foundation is offering a residency opportunity to an artist who is interested in working within a multidisciplinary team at the Studio for a duration of three months. This team comprises a group of exhibit-developers and science communicators with backgrounds in engineering, design, and education. Bringing an artist into the team is expected to create possibilities for intersections across disciplines that shall enrich the science exhibition-development process.

The 2020 residency will be based at the Science Studio’s workshop. The artist will collaborate with our team to design, develop, and implement an interactive installation and/or an exhibition themed Sound and its Phenomena.

The residency is open for international artists only, as the Foundation wishes to engage an artist from a different cultural context. The collaboration will encourage dialogue, exploration, and experimentation in interaction with the team as well as with the local community―in relation to the Studio’s work in engaging the public and towards producing a creative science-art exhibition or installation.

Our exhibition development team will be collaborating with the resident, providing curatorial and production support. During his/her stay at the Studio, the artist will be exposed to the wide variety of cultural events and activities that usually take place at the Foundation. Our team will provide information also about other cultural events, exhibition openings, and art events in the city to maximize the resident’s exposure to our rich local culture. 


Our Theme

The theme sound emerged from a one-year research and development journey the Science Studio has taken recently, culminating in an exhibition titled “SADA: An Exhibition of Sound and it’s Phenomena”, which opened in October 2019. The current exhibition was developed based on three main tracks: Physics of Sound, Soundscapes, and Sound in Music (the physics of instruments).

To know more about SADA, please visit http://qattanfoundation.org/en/SadaExhibition


Expected Outcomes

This residency is expected to complement and augment the public’s experience of SADA and its tracks through one interactive installation/exhibit that communicates sound phenomena and its scientific properties and also takes into consideration the integration of socio-scientific and cultural issues associated with sound within the Palestinian soundscape.

The installation/exhibit an be presented outdoors or indoors. To know more about Palestine climate please visit http://visitpalestine.ps/climate/.

The selected resident is expected to contribute furthermore through a public presentation of his/her work or ongoing projects and by conducting a public workshop explaining how the installation/exhibit developed during the residency, to be organized in collaboration with our public programme team.


Working Area

The Science Studio–A.M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, Palestine. Our Studio is composed of a 300m2 machine shop and a 200m2 exhibition space for prototyping with the audience, this includes a tinkering space with a small area for group meetings. The Studio has a mezzanine level for office work. More information about the Studio (with pictures) can be found at http://qattanfoundation.org/en/ss/about



The Science Studio Residency 2020 offers one seasonal opportunity for a duration of 3 months with an all-inclusive monthly stipend of USD 1,200, subject to a 10% income-tax deduction. Accommodation and housing expenses will be provided by the Science Studio for the 3-months residency period. Only one economy round-trip ticket for the resident’s arrival and departure from Palestine will be covered.


Application Requirements

Artists with a background in sound and music―preferably with the ability to work with machines and thus contribute to the production and installation phases―are encouraged to apply.

All candidates are obligated to submit:

  1. A concept paper describing an installation idea and clarifying how this idea relates to the theme Sound and its Phenomena. Please explain how our multidisciplinary team of exhibit developers would benefit from collaborating with an artist in this project.
  2. Supporting visual aids (sketches, drawings, photos, …) that explain the installation.
  3. A portfolio with samples of previous artwork and a full CV that lists education and professional history.
  4. A copy of a valid passport. Please note that we will not be involved in the process of obtaining a visa for the resident.

All applicants are required to fill out the application form.

For more information about the workspace, the Science Studio, and A.M. Qattan Foundation please visit link.

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